Irmatiq: An all-in-one tool helping companies manage their investors

Irmatiq will help companies manage their investors

The company creates a SaaS tool that automates the management of communication with investors. It has just obtained 2 million PLN of financing from the VC Arkley Brinc fund.

A new standard in servicing investors on the private market

The idea for the Irmatiq platform arose from the needs of the growing private investment market. The tool will be addressed to private (non-public) companies with several thousand to several thousand investors, both equity investors (shares, stocks) and debt investors (loans). The value of the solution is to be appreciated by development companies with dispersed shareholders, private issuance companies that finance themselves with loans, as well as ASI (alternative joint-stock companies).


"Irmatiq will improve the formal side of managing communication with investors by generating, signing and storing the necessary documentation. Along with the greater number of investors, there is more and more work, sometimes repetitive, which, thanks to the all-in-one platform, can be performed faster and more clearly. Automation, CRM, investor's account, safe communication are the practices that the market needs", said Jakub Niestrój, the main shareholder and president of the management board of Irmatiq.

Irmatiq is a project led by Dr. Jakub Niestrój, a manager and investor with nearly 20 years of experience in the area of ​​business development. Currently, the managing partner of the Averton Sterling ASI Fund, and in the past also a member of supervisory boards of consulting and investment companies recognized on the market, including Alteverso, Crowdway, Q-Value. The implementation of the project involves a team proven in the implementation of significant investment projects, Jakub Kunicki is responsible for product development, and Wojciech Zajączkowski is responsible for marketing.


What is Irmatiq doing?

Irmatiq is a comprehensive SaaS tool for managing all stages of investor service. Provides support in the processes of changing personal data, tracking the maturity of instruments, generating, signing and storing documents. It will also have a CRM for the investor base or a webinar module that will ensure safe, high-quality audio-video communication with investors via various end devices.

"We will provide a solution that will be a kind of assistant to the key team in the field of communication and investor relations. We want to organize work in this area and fill the digital gap that appears between the private and public markets" - added Jakub Niestrój.


Project development and prospects

The development of the functional scope of the solution was preceded by surveys of expectations among investors and interviews with the companies themselves and market experts. Irmatiq aims to develop both in Poland and abroad.

"The development and sales potential of the project is significant and international, Irmatiq addresses a narrowly developed niche, and the number of companies remaining in the area of ​​interest grows as the popularity and number of projects using alternative forms of financing development with dispersed capital grows all over the world" - emphasizes Jakub Niestrój.


The project also involved Arkley Brinc VC, which saw the potential both in terms of the concept and the experienced implementation team, investing PLN 2 million. Bryony Cooper, Managing Partner of the fund, said:

"With first-hand experience with the challenges investors are currently facing in the growing but fragmented market, we were excited to find a scalable solution that not only streamlines transactions for Polish investors, but also allows for expansion and participation by investors from all over Europe."


The project was presented at the Invest Cuffs fair in Krakow, one of the biggest events of the year for the financial industry. 



Wojciech Zajączkowski, Marketing Manager


Bryony Cooper

Managing Partner
March 31, 2022