Libertist Yachts

Multi-hull Yachts & Trimarans for Speed Sailing

Libertist Yachts is a manufacturer of multihull yachts for fast, recreational sailing, with an innovative design that promotes superior speed, safety and control. The company has a strong focus on innovative design, materials, and mechanics, redefining speed sailing for the watersports and leisure sector. 


Making Waves in the Speed Sailing World With Investors on Board

Libertist Yachts sp. z o.o. produces small sailing yachts (trimarans: multihull boats that comprise a main hull and two smaller outrigger floats which are attached to the main hull with lateral beams), designed for recreation and racing. The unique and innovative designs use advanced technology and mechanics to offer better speed, control and safety than other sailing yachts in the market.

The idea was first born in 2014, when a group of sailing enthusiasts grew frustrated by a lack of seaworthy, fast, and beautifully designed trimarans available on the market. They began to research existing solutions, and developed relationships with a network of shipyards and producers of components for the water sports and leisure industry, seeking out the best quality of workmanship. Currently there are only a few companies in the world that deal with the serial production and sale of yachts of this type, and the market was ready for disruption from a new player using a modern approach.

The project is led by two co-founders  with complimentary skills and experience. Adam Waligórski – Captain and Merchant Mariner who started his sea-faring adventures as a 15 year old cadet at the Fishermen and Marine Mechanic School. He now has 30 years sailing experience and passion to his name. Wojciech Kulig is a long time entrepreneur, and is the Owner of an international trading company that’s been on the market for 20 years. He brings his business acumen to the project.

In 2016 the team got together with award winning designer and constructor, Erik Lerouge, to bring their ideas to life. This collaboration resulted in design concepts for the most sleek, attractive, and fastest boats of their class. 


The Libertist brand is focused on freedom, style, and the sheer joy of sailing. The ethos is to keep the designs simple, using high quality components and no unnecessary cost-increasing gadgets.


Photo by Jean-Baptiste D'enquin